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SPECIAL ADVERTORIAL: sponsored by BETA Fueling Systems

Solar Powered Marine Fuel Dispenser Cart Unveiled for Marine Applications


BETA Fueling Systems has unveiled its new 100 percent solar powered fuel dispenser cart for marine applications. Designed to safely deliver fuel at flow rates of 10 gallons per minute (gpm) up to 150 gpm through interchangeable nozzles, it’s zero turn radius and ease of maneuverability make it a flexible mobile fueling solution for today’s most demanding marinas.

“We have leveraged our 40 years of know-how in manufacturing reliable mobile fueling equipment for commercial and military aviation to create a substantial fueling advantage for marinas and fuel docks,” CEO of BETA Fueling Systems Jon DeLine said. “The solar power and mobility of our fuel carts will be a game changer in the marine fueling industry, just as it was in aviation,” DeLine said.

The BETA Cart is 100 percent solar powered and requires no outside energy other than the sun. Made of stainless steel pipework and lightweight aluminum framework, it is fully corrosion resistant with an added layer of protection with a UV resistant, aviation grade coating. It also boasts a “zero-turn” radius for easy maneuverability and a convenient tow bar to move it up or down grades or over greater distances.

“Our new marine dispenser greatly increases throughput and lowers lifetime operation costs for marina owners due to its unique mobility and solar power source,” Director of Sales and Marketing Dan Clevenger said. “No more fixed fueling locations or expensive electrical conduit is required,” Clevenger said.

The cart also features three interchangeable nozzles that adapt fuel pressure to deliver the optimum flow rate for any application. It has a 75-foot delivery hose with an easy-stow electric rewind hose reel for increased fueling range, as well as important safety features including emergency stop buttons, breakaway nozzles, and electric “deadman” control handle to safely stop fueling on demand. The unit’s onboard digital register and printer accounts for each transaction and prints a report at the end of the fueling cycle. Additional features include LED work lights for night operations, lockable stowage box, and even stowage racks for a fire extinguisher and a life vest.

BETA Fueling Systems has been manufacturing mobile refueling equipment for more than 40 years. With decades of experience providing fueling equipment to the U.S. military, commercial airlines and major oil companies in more than 30 countries, BETA refueling equipment is designed for reliability in the most demanding fueling operations and extreme climates.

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